Startup Funding Stages

Startup Funding Stages

Quoted from the Ekrut website, the following is a long road to funding an individual or organization in building a startup company. Funding for a...
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Startup Funding Stages

Startup Funding Stages

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Quoted from the Ekrut website, the following is a long road to funding an individual or organization in building a startup company. Funding for a startup can be subdivided into the following stages:

1. Pre-seed funding
At this stage, startup company funding comes from available resources. Investors are generally the founders of the company himself or his family and friends.
The funds required range from 150 million to 1.5 billion rupiah. While seeking funding sources, company founders need to explore more product-related ideas, conduct market testing, and develop product launch plans.

2. Seed funding
During the seed funding stage, startup companies have received assistance to determine the final product and target market. Company founders no longer have to fund their own business, because investors can come from:

Friends and family.
Business angel (startup company founders who decide to invest in new startup companies)

Micro venture capital (capital in the form of money from various investors)
Crowdfunding (the practice of raising funds from many people, usually via the internet)

In Indonesia, funding at this stage ranges from 500 million to 2.5 billion rupiah. The funds are used for the recruitment process, product launches, market development, and building consumer attractiveness.

Funding during the growth stage
After determining the product, conducting a series of tests, and conducting recruitment, the startup company is now ready to set foot on the next stage. The source of funds for startup companies during the growth period consists of the following stages:

1. Series A . round
Series A funding starts when the startup business already has a fixed product and a certain number of users. This is the stage for startup founders to build the right business model and expand their products to other territories.

The amount of funds in the series A round depends on the potential and ability of the startup business itself. On average, the range is 10 billion to 33 billion rupiah. These funds usually come from several investors at once.

2. Series B . round
Series B funding is given to startup businesses that have experienced an increase in market share and scaling, are able to survive among competitors, and have a high-quality team.

The amount of funding at this stage ranges from 22 billion to 80 billion rupiah. However, there are no startup companies in Indonesia that have been able to absorb this figure. This is because the number of existing users has not been able to generate profits according to investor demand.

3. Round C series and so on
When a company reaches the series C funding stage, it means that the company is fully mature. The business model used is working effectively, the number of users continues to increase, and the company is able to make acquisitions.

Series C funding figures can touch tens to hundreds of millions of dollars.

Investors at this stage consist of advanced venture capitalists, private companies, to banks.

4. Initial public offering (IPO)
IPO is the stage when a company offers its shares to the public for the first time. The main investors, in fact the only ones at this stage, are people who are interested in buying shares of the company.

Companies that reach the IPO stage already have a stable financial condition. Corporate governance has also been going well. The end result is a company that is able to grow larger with an ever-expanding market.

The various stages of startup funding are nothing but a stepping stone for a company to continue to grow. Through these stages, the company can understand its position and potential.

Of course it takes quite a long time for a company to reach a further funding stage. However, this is not impossible as long as the people involved in the company are always focused on growing.


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