Berbagai Jenis Crane dalam Heavy Equipment Insurance

Berbagai Jenis Crane dalam Heavy Equipment Insurance

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Berbagai Jenis Crane dalam Heavy Equipment Insurance

Berbagai Jenis Crane dalam Heavy Equipment Insurance

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Crane is one of the devices guaranteed in the Heavy Equipment or Contractor's Plant & Machinery policy. Cranes are heavy equipment machines that must be insured because the risk is very large, both to the equipment and to third parties.

As an underwriter, we need to know more about the types of cranes and their functions. The following are the types of cranes that we have summarized from

1. Tower Crane


Tower crane is a material or machine lifting aircraft commonly used in construction projects. Tower crane consists of several parts that can be disassembled when used so that it is easy to carry anywhere. Tower cranes are usually transported separately by vehicle (trailer) to the project site and then reassembled at the project site. The installation of a tower crane is quite long because there are many parts that must be installed, including the manufacture of a tower crane foundation.

2. Mobile Crane (Truck Crane)


Mobile Crane (Truck Crane) is a crane that is located directly on the truck so that it can be brought directly to the work site without having to use a vehicle (trailer). This crane has legs (foundations/poles) that can be attached when operating, this is intended so that when operating the crane it is balanced.

3. Crawler Crane

Crawler crane is a material lifting vehicle commonly used on construction project sites with a reach that is not too long. This crane has chain wheels (crawlers) that can move when used and used in various terrains. To get to the location, the crawler crane is transported using a truck trailer to the location by dismantling the 'Boom' section into several parts and then reassembling it at the project site.

4. Hydraulic Crane

Generally all types of cranes use hydraulic (oil) and pheneumatic (air) systems to work. But specifically, hydraulic cranes are cranes commonly used in workshops and warehousing, etc., which have a simple structure. This crane is usually placed at a point and not to be moved and with a reach that is not too long and a rotation of only 180 degrees. So usually in a workshop/warehousing there is more than one crane.

5. Hoist Crane

Hoist Crane is a lifting aircraft that is usually found in warehousing and workshops. Hoist cranes are placed on the ceiling and run on special rails that are attached to the ceiling. The rails can also move back and forth in one direction.

6. Jeep Crane

A jeep crane is a lifting aircraft that consists of various sizes, small jeep cranes are usually used in workshops and warehouses to move relatively heavy goods. The jeep crane has a working system and engine similar to a 'Hoist Crane' and a structure similar to a 'Hydraulic Crane'.

2. Mobile Crane (Truck Crane)

3. Crawler Crane

4. Hidraulik Crane

5. Hoist Crane

6. Jip Crane

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